PT Benang Citra Indonesia

PT. Benang Citra Indonesia (PT. BCI) is the brand new spinning mill of the sister company of PT. Lucky Print Abadi group of Lucky Textile Indonesia (

Although PT. BCI is new, but group has long history in spinning since the 1980's under the name PT. Lucky Abadi Spinning Factory in Jakarta. Slowly, the city started expanding and PT. Lucky Abadi Spinning was in a residential area, but then we moved out and shared the same location with the group’s weaving and printing factory (PT. Lucky Print Abadi) with name of PT. Benang Citra Indonesia.

Raw material


Yarn Type

Compact yarn, Ring yarn, slub yarn, core yarn

Usterized member contact

Jl. Warung Bongkok, RT003, RW 006 Sukadanau
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