PT Elegant Textile Industry

In 1973, the Aditya Birla Group incorporated PT. Elegant Textile Industry at Jatiluhur, Purwakarta, Indonesia to produce synthetic ring-spun yarn. It was a humble beginning. We started our operation with 14,080 spindles. But soon our market driven stance and customer-oriented approach was rewarding us with increasing demand for our products. This led to continuous growth and modernization. We have always been on the cutting edge of technology and continue to make yarn compatible to the latest technology in weaving and knitting industry.

Raw material

CMD, CLY, CUP,  CV, LI, PES and their blends

Yarn Type

Air-jet yarn, Compact yarn, Ring yarn, Siro yarn

Product Capacity

39,000 million tons yarn per year

Usterized member contact

Desa Kembang Kuning
Jatiluhur Purwakarta (West Java)