The textile industry benefits from the USTER® STATISTICS since 1957. The worldwide established yarn quality reference values serve yarn producers, yarn users and machine manufacturers. They can compare their measured results with global benchmarks and benefit in many ways.  




Yarn producers:

  • Set spinning process Key Performance Indicators
  • Achieve operational excellence
  • Specify and communicate quality objectively
  • Guarantee the quality of yarn being produced and sold

Yarn users:

  • Specify the quality needed (quality profile)
  • Select yarns with the appropriate quality
  • Optimize the portfolio of the yarn producers
  • Pay the right price for the right quality

Machine manufacturers:

  • Develop spinning machinery achieving both production and quality targets
  • Develop the right spinning components
  • Develop appropriate maintenance plans
  • Link productivity with quality

Over the past 60 years, USTER® STATISTICS has earned legendary status throughout textiles – and its value is more significant than ever in the globalized trading environment today and in the future.

When spinners from different countries talk about 'good' yarn, they sometimes mean very different things. The only way to find agreement is to define objective characteristics, supported by measurement parameters, methods and instruments capable of measuring these repetitively and accurately. This is precisely what USTER achieves with the USTER® STATISTICS which became the common quality language for the global textile industry.