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Milestones of USTER's history

1875Establishment of an aerial telegraphy workshop in Uster, Switzerland.
1927Production of auxiliary weaving-mill machines started.
1944Initiation of operations in the textile electronics business.
1957First publishing of USTER® STATISTICS.
1982Cooperation with the Chinese textile industry.
2003Buyout from Zellweger Luwa by the Management and two private-equity investment companies.
2005Development and assembly established in China. Sale of the one millionth USTER® QUANTUM clearer.
2006Uster Technologies Ltd was sold to its Management and funds advised by Alpha Beteiligungsberatung GmbH & Co. KG via a secondary buyout.
2007Listing on the main segment of SIX Swiss Exchange.
2008Introduction of new product groups specifically targeting the mid-market segment.
2009Acquisition of ZWEIGLE® product range. Broadening of existing shareholder base with new strategic investor Toyota Industries Corporation.
2010Launch of ground-breaking third generation of USTER® QUANTUM clearer.
2012Public takeover by Toyota Industries Corporation.
2013Acquisition of Jossi Systems to complement and strengthen the position as the world leader in yarn quality management, testing and certification.