USTER® QUANTUM 3 featuring Smart Clearing Technology

Uster Technologies launches third generation of USTER® QUANTUM clearer

Uster Technologies launches third generation of USTER® QUANTUM clearer

Uster, Switzerland – September 28, 2010 – Uster Technologies today announced the market introduction of the ground-breaking third generation of its best-selling USTER® QUANTUM clearer system. This latest state-of-the-art quality assurance technology allows textile manufacturers to optimize production efficiency and reduce costs, making it an indispensable tool in quality-oriented spinning plants.


Smart Clearing Technology

The USTER® QUANTUM 3 is the passport to a new world of yarn quality. USTER® QUANTUM 3 measures, analyzes and proposes how the yarn on the winding machines can best be tailored to the spinner’s quality and productivity needs. USTER® QUANTUM 3 is USTER®‘s most advanced clearer yet, packed with future-oriented technology.


Powerful new capacitive, optical and foreign matter sensors are at the core of the USTER® QUANTUM 3. They can see everything, in greater detail than any previous yarn clearer generation. In combination with powerful processing electronics, for the first time ever, the system shows the full yarn body. (The yarn body is the normal yarn with its set of expected tolerable natural variations). The new foreign matter sensor has multiple light sources, to detect new colored foreign fibers and to help separation of colored foreign fibers from mostly non-disturbing vegetable matter. The powerful contamination package of the USTER® QUANTUM 3 is completed by a brand new Polypropylene clearing option. Thanks to technological improvements, USTER® QUANTUM 3 has proven in several trials a multifold increase in PP detection rates.


It’s not only the sensor technology that has progressed to the next level. The USTER® QUANTUM 3 also has a new central clearing unit with 14-inch touchscreen and a bigger and faster memory. This unit can communicate in real-time with the new-generation USTER® QUANTUM EXPERT SYSTEM – allowing, for example, comparisons of changed clearing settings at any winder, and synchronization across similar yarn lots.



Tough clearers for tough environments 

The USTER® QUANTUM 3 is both larger and more robust than any previous clearer. Tough on the outside, its new design will stand up to the most demanding mill environments and provide a long service life. Improvements include a better sealed clearer core to keep out dirt and dust, as well as reinforced sensors to cope with vibration. Another improvement is the Foreign Fiber sensor, which is wider than before. Along with new air blowing arrangements, this reduces dirt build-up at the sensor from both the yarn and the air supply.



Smart and radically simple to use 

USTER® QUANTUM 3 learns everything it needs to know about the running yarn in just two minutes. Then, drawing on its built-in USTER® know-how, it proposes suitable clearing limits to achieve the required quality level. Smart technology enables the USTER® QUANTUM 3 to forecast exactly how many cuts will need to be made to reach quality goals. The number of estimated cuts gives spinners valuable information to help them define the optimum clearing limit for the perfect balance of quality and productivity.


Capacitive or optical sensors

With a choice of the most advanced capacitive and optical sensor technologies, USTER® QUANTUM 3 is ready for any application and environment. While the advantages of the capacitive technology are well known, the optical sensor of USTER® QUANTUM 3 has been redesigned and has been substantially enhanced. Both the capacitive and the optical basic clearer ‘see’ the full yarn body and provide all smart clearing features, which include proposing clearing limits based on the yarn body and providing cut forecasts. USTER® QUANTUM 3 sets a new benchmark for clearing performance, whether for carded yarns, compact-spun, air-spliced or water-spliced yarns.


Dr Geoffrey Scott, CEO of Uster Technologies Ltd., comments: “We are delighted to demonstrate USTER®’s technological leadership with the launch of the ground-breaking new generation of our USTER® QUANTUM clearer. We are confident that this product, available with optical and capacitive sensors, will set new accuracy standards in quality measurement within the industry.”