Meeting the quality challenge in fast-growing yarn market

Expert personnel are in short supply – USTER® has the perfect work-around

Expert personnel are in short supply –USTER® has the perfect work-around

Uster Switzerland, February 11, 2011 – Significant growth in the textile industries of South Asia is creating both opportunities and new challenges for manufacturers in the region. Firms in Bangladesh are in the lead of this boom, with spinners in particular seeing a major upsurge in demand, in local as well as international yarn markets.


Among the leading exhibitors at the Dhaka Textile & Garment Exhibition 2011, Uster Technologies will provide evidence of the strong business pick-up in the yarn industry: “Our shipments of yarn clearers in 2010 increased over the previous year,” says Urs Minder, the company’s South East Asia General Manager. “This represents a significant increase in new projects and capacity expansions. Bangladesh alone saw several new mills starting up last year.”


Other markets experiencing similar high growth rate tell us that many spinning companies in Bangladesh and the region in general are already or will soon be confronted with the challenge of finding experienced and qualified personnel to help mills meet increasingly stringent quality standards. Says Urs Minder: “Where staff is available, they are usually untrained – and my contacts among mill owners and managers mention the shortage of qualified people.”

Recommended clearing limits – at the touch of a button

The need for expert knowledge and experience is especially critical in quality management, where the complexity of the yarn-making processes and the sophistication of the machinery add to the difficulty of the challenge.


Uster Technologies now has an ideal solution to this challenge with the new USTER® QUANTUM 3 yarn clearer. Its integrated know-how and easy user interface means spinners can achieve their quality goals automatically, without the need for specialist personnel. Even those mills lucky enough to have skilled staff will find the USTER® QUANTUM 3 helps them find the correct settings faster and more accurately than ever before.


The secret behind the USTER® QUANTUM 3 is its ability to provide recommended yarn clearing limits – balancing required yarn quality with optimum mill productivity – based on the ‘yarn body’ concept.


This refers to a profile of the yarn and the tolerable level of defects specified for it. The new USTER® QUANTUM 3 analyses the yarn and produces a full illustration of the yarn body in minutes, and then works out suggested clearer settings for controlling faults such as thick and thin places and count deviations.


At the touch of a button, the USTER® QUANTUM 3 comes up with a clearing proposal, which can be balanced towards better quality or higher productivity – with maximum profitability the ultimate goal. The estimated number of cuts needed is displayed, and is instantly recalculated in line with any adjustments made to the clearing proposal.

Managing productivity, yarn quality and performance

Fault control is achieved by making cuts in the yarn where preset limits are exceeded, so the clearing process can impact significantly on machine efficiency and mill productivity. Defining clearing limits, therefore, needs to take account of this, along with the performance of the yarn in subsequent knitting or weaving and its aesthetic appearance in the finished fabric.


When this task is multiplied by the number of yarns a typical spinning mill produces every week, it is obvious that the difficulty is also magnified over time. That is where the mill must have a highly-trained and knowledgeable expert – or the USTER® QUANTUM 3 yarn clearer.


This third-generation USTER® clearer is almost like having an in-house technologist permanently on hand to help get the best out of any yarn process. Not only will it dramatically reduce clearer set-up times, it will also cut down on unjustified yarn waste.