The smart way to use yarn quality data

Making the most of complex data from yarn clearers is a tough task made simple by the latest USTER® QUANTUM EXPERT 3, with its smart system for quick and easy uptake by mill personnel.

With more than two million USTER® QUANTUM yarn clearers installed worldwide, hundreds of spinning mills are benefiting from this powerful quality control system. Now, USTER® offers spinners a unique, fast and simple way to make the most of the complex data from all the Quantum clearers in a mill – pinpointing precisely the vital details needed to optimize quality and production across the entire spinning process. 

 How can spinners achieve this? By applying the USTER® QUANTUM EXPERT 3 – a highly-effective measurement and analysis procedure, based on essential data provided by the USTER® QUANTUM clearers. The system is specifically designed to help different managers in the spinning mills make the right choices for best performance and profitability. It does this by measuring and analyzing every piece of data collected from the clearers. The USTER® QUANTUM EXPERT 3 then zooms in on the most important essential details, automatically handling the complex task of interpreting the information and presenting it quickly and clearly.

Smart – in so many ways

 USTER® QUANTUM EXPERT 3 is certainly a smart tool, in line with USTER‘s philosophy of simple set-up, fast operation and clear, easy-to-understand analysis. It can control yarn clearing parameters and monitor for irregularities, supervise the handling of individual articles, and synchronize quality parameters in real time at each control unit (CCU) in the mill.

 There’s no doubt that the challenges facing modern spinning mills are becoming tougher: they have to produce a widening variety of articles, for customers who are ever-more demanding when it comes to quality, delivery and cost.

 The USTER® QUANTUM EXPERT 3 is smart enough to make that complex job much simpler for the mill manager. For example, data about an article created or modified at one CCU or at the Expert System itself can be automatically synchronized with all the other CCUs in the network – all in real time and with critical information displayed at the CCUs. Not only does this guarantee uniformity throughout the mill, it also creates a useful database of articles which can then be applied at any CCU. Reaction times are lightning fast, while waste is also reduced significantly.

Making perfect sense of the data flow

 The USTER® QUANTUM EXPERT 3 is even smarter when it comes to data analysis. The successful USTER® QUANTUM 2 and USTER® QUANTUM 3 yarn clearers produce a tremendous amount of data – very useful, but making meaningful analysis a challenging process. The USTER® QUANTUM EXPERT 3 makes perfect sense of it all with its smart function of filtering exceptions, a pre-installed set of reports to suit every requirement and an intuitive interface for the user. Smart configuration is also a given: USTER® QUANTUM EXPERT 3 can be setup and running in less than 30 minutes and new users can become proficient on the system within only one hour.

Any time, anywhere…

 Remote access is built in with QUANTUM EXPERT 3, so that reports can be examined and any problem diagnosed, 24/7 from anywhere in the world, with links to USTER resources for software updates, troubleshooting, consulting and application reporting. “That makes the USTER® QUANTUM EXPERT 3 a real management tool – especially since spinning mill managers were involved in its development, bringing in their needs and expectations,” says Thomas Nasiou, Head of Textile Technology at Uster Technologies.

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