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  • 14.04.2014

Tackling cotton contamination: the total solution

Uster Technologies pioneers unique approach to a long-standing problem, to be presented at ITMA Asia & CITME

Raw cotton is subject to various kinds of contamination, and its removal has long been a headache for quality-conscious spinners. Uster Technologies is proposing a significant and effective solution, to be unveiled for the first time in public at this year’s major textile machinery exhibition.

Spinners visiting the forthcoming ITMA Asia & CITME in Shanghai will be able to learn about TOTAL CONTAMINATION CONTROL – a unique new concept from Uster Technologies following its recent acquisition of Jossi Systems AG.

Jossi Systems instruments are now fully-integrated into the USTER product family, and will be seen at the show for the first time in a new livery, matching the familiar red and grey USTER color scheme. Re-branded under the name USTER® JOSSI, these instruments maintain their key characteristics of high performance and great reliability in eliminating cotton contamination at the early stages of spinning mill processing.

Two booths – one big subject
Uster Technologies will exhibit at ITMA Asia & CITME in two locations. At the main booth (Hall W5/G01), the company will present the full range of established USTER® instruments for laboratory and in-process testing of fibers and yarns, over a display area of 200 square meters, including a special USTER® JOSSI focus.

The USTER personnel will also present visitors with the first detailed insight into the way USTER® JOSSI instruments complement existing USTER® systems to create a complete solution to the long-time challenge of contamination in cotton mills. The key is interaction between the USTER® JOSSI VISION SHIELD and the world-leading USTER® QUANTUM 3 yarn clearer to enable spinners to specify and meet precise yarn quality standards consistently and reliably. Exhibition visitors will see how this partnership can provide TOTAL CONTAMINATION CONTROL in a specially-dedicated section of the booth.

The second booth (Hall W4/G09) will also offer visitors detailed information on TOTAL CONTAMINATION CONTROL with special reference to the USTER® JOSSI VISION SHIELD for detection and removal of all kinds of contaminants from raw cotton in the early stages of mill processing. Expert staff will be on hand to explain the system and its benefits for spinners.

The potential impact of the TOTAL CONTAMINATION CONTROL concept is emphasized by Uster Technologies CEO Geoffrey Scott: “The problem of removing disturbing foreign matter from cotton has for many years been one of the major challenges facing quality-minded spinning mills. We are delighted to announce the development of the USTER® TOTAL CONTAMINATION CONTROL approach and we will look forward to explaining to spinners how they can apply it to bring contamination under control.”

USTER® CLASSIMAT 5 – The Yarn Classification System (mounted on a winding position)

USTER will always be USTER
The familiar USTER ‘funnels’ at the main booth will ensure visitors quickly feel at home in the USTER show environment. The complete USTER® instrument ranges for both fiber and yarn quality control will be shown here – a particular eye-catcher being the latest USTER® CLASSIMAT 5 yarn classification system, marked out on the booth by a large red ‘U’.

The ‘Think Quality’ slogan will be exemplified by booth staff as they present the best-selling USTER® TESTER 5 offering extensive information on all the key yarn parameters for spun-staple or filament, and specialized laboratory instruments such as the USTER® TENSORAPID 4 and TENSOJET 4 strength testers and the USTER® ZWEIGLE HL400 yarn hairiness length measuring system.

For testing of raw fiber, the main booth will feature a comprehensive quality control family, including the USTER® HVI1000, USTER® AFIS PRO 2 and the USTER® SLIVERGUARD PRO.

Highlighting the principle of TOTAL CONTAMINATION CONTROL by presenting the JOSSI products under the Uster Technologies banner is a key feature of the exhibition. At the same time, USTER is equally proud to display its own developments over the past six decades at the show. The full story at ITMA Asia & CITME is about maximum value, as customers have come to expect from Uster Technologies over the years.