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  • 17.06.2014

An unbreakable link in the textile chain…

‘Think quality’ is a guiding principle with practical advantages, now responsible for a comprehensive approach to cotton contamination

For more than 10 years, the name USTER has been uniquely associated with ‘Think quality’ – an unbreakable link connecting the entire textile chain. And ‘Think quality’ is more than just a neat slogan: “It has become part of our corporate brain, guiding everything we do,” says Uster Technologies CEO Dr Geoffrey Scott. “Customers feel it, as the spirit of the company. Yet it goes a lot deeper than that, transforming a stated commitment into real benefits for customers, with practical results in both quality and profitability.”

Uster Technologies continually seeks to foster the ‘Think quality’ philosophy, emphasizing the need to produce textiles to exactly the required quality standards, at the same time as operating mills at the highest levels of efficiency and profitability. This combination was further exemplified at  ITMA Asia & CITME 2014 in Shanghai, where the company gave details of how systems from the recently-acquired Jossi Systems AG integrate seamlessly with existing USTER applications to provide a unique solution known as TOTAL CONTAMINATION CONTROL.

The USTER® JOSSI systems fit perfectly with ‘Think quality’, bringing total testing to a new level and allowing spinners to take control of yarn quality at the blowroom stage. The ability to recognize and eliminate foreign matter particles in raw cotton tufts is one major advantage. Another is the chance to set precise quality characteristics for the raw cotton before it reaches the vital carding operation.

USTER products already cover essential yarn production tasks before and after spinning: ginning and cotton classing, fiber testing and cleaning, yarn testing and in-process yarn clearing at the winder. The USTER® JOSSI range extends and enhances this coverage with automated solutions for cleaning raw fiber to remove both natural and synthetic contaminants in the blowroom, before they can impact on quality in subsequent processes.

‘Think quality’ also embraces USTER’s partnership approach, dedicated to supporting customers in the optimization of their manufacturing operations. Here too, the USTER® JOSSI systems are important, making USTER even more of a one-stop-shop for textile quality control and monitoring.

USTER® JOSSI VISION SHIELD for Total Contamination Control

Controlling the options
The integration of these new products began with the renaming as USTER® JOSSI and the adoption of a new livery, matching the familiar red and grey of USTER. But there is also a significant technological advantage, in the form of TOTAL CONTAMINATION CONTROL. This combines the USTER® JOSSI VISION SHIELD with the USTER® QUANTUM 3 yarn clearers to give spinners a powerful defence against one of their major headaches. Contamination with foreign matter of various kinds has been a serious issue for as long as cotton has been processed. TOTAL CONTAMINATION CONTROL puts spinners in total charge of this problem. They can choose whether to deal with the contamination in the raw cotton fiber or in the yarn. This degree of control can be set ideally to suit individual needs, since the two elements in the system complement each other perfectly, by increasing or decreasing the sensitivity of detection.

“We are proud to integrate the new systems, masterpieces of Swiss textile machinery,” says Scott. “Successful and satisfied customers are our guarantee of good business. Therefore USTER will always be ready with new ideas to help yarn producers achieve better business results.”