USTER provides solutions for all market requirements

The textile industry has faced a survival of the fittest in the past 15 years. Mills have survived if they were able to produce products of constant quality and fulfill the agreements with their customers with respect to quality, costs, and delivery time. For this purpose the mills need managers and specialists with a good know-how and sufficient experience. In addition, they also need modern tools to analyze the quality and costs of a mill.

Know-how and experience

Whether the requirement is to improve consistency of quality, increasing efficiency of the mill operation or optimizing cost of manufacturing, USTER® will support the textile industry with know-how and experience that USTER® has gained by being involved in global operations over 60 years. Also using the experience from working with retailers in the definition of their requirements, Uster Technologies can help mills to understand what global retailers expect in the selection of their suppliers.

Modern technical tools to control and analyze the quality, process and costs of a mill 

USTER® has a full range of instruments that allow spinning mills to control and analyze the quality, process and cost of their operation. With a series of products made for the Chinese market only, USTER® has introduced products that are easy to operate and affordable for a wider range of clients in China. This will make upgrading decisions in their quality control instrumentation easier. Also USTER® will be launching new products that are specifically targeted to upgrade Chinese operations with an investment level that will pay back in term of increased efficiency, reduced cost of operation or improved quality.

Market driven management support tools 

Apart from upgrading technology, upgrading in terms of mill operation management becomes also an important factor to compete with global suppliers in a global market. With the series of EXPERT systems USTER® will be specifically supporting the management level of spinning mills. These management support tools will allow them to get a fast insight into their operation and manage either proactively or react fast finally resulting in improving profitability.

At the ShanghaiTex 2009 Uster Technologies will introduce two further products that are specifically made for the Chinese market.

USTER® MN100 – An individual solution at an affordable price

The USTER® MN100 is an individual nep process control system with USTER® performance at an affordable price. It provides vital data for mill quality control for yarn preparation processes as well as raw material purchases. Developed exclusively for the Chinese market the USTER® MN100 is based on the industry standard USTER® AFIS and offers many of the same nep measurement advantages. The system eliminates the variability and wasted time inherent in the manual counting of neps, and produces data that is comparable to the world reference standard USTER® STATISTICS. This USTER® capability comes at an affordable price especially tailored for the Chinese market.

USTER® SLIVERGUARD PRO – The new generation of USTER®’s auto-leveling system for draw frames

USTER®’s successful autoleveling system known as USTER® SLIVERGUARD is now ready with a new generation: USTER® SLIVERGUARD PRO combines the highly reliable autoleveling features with modern online sliver quality monitoring. The system has been completely renewed and includes the new USTER® SLIVERGUARD PRO EXPERT system.

The online monitoring options start at the draw frame, where spinning mills have to cope with the unavoidable fact of a certain degree of mass unevenness in card sliver and the need to keep yarn count variation within close limits. This is addressed with the USTER® SLIVERGUARD PRO. This new generation combines the highly reliable autoleveling features of the well known USTER® SLIVERGUARD with modern online sliver quality monitoring. All deviations of the key quality parameters from a predefined nominal value are immediately detected and alarmed. Sliver count, sliver evenness, the number of Thick Places and the presence of periodic faults in the sliver spectrogram are monitored on all the draw frames, continuously at 100% of the production. The system has been completely renewed for the Chinese market and includes the new USTER® SLIVERGUARD PRO EXPERT system. The online quality monitoring of sliver leads to higher yarn quality and to efficient processing of raw material, all together providing a potential for cost saving for the spinning mill.