USTER® EVS FABRIQ SHADE monitors shade variation in almost any process where color is critical. It supports fabric producers to deliver a constant shade in the end product.

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High-tech detection of shade variation 

USTER® EVS FABRIQ SHADE combines the power of a traversing spectrophotometer with sophisticated information processing. Monitoring is done directly on the system, without the need to cut the fabric. This reduces cost and effort for sampling. 

Yield optimized for customer requirements 

USTER® EVS FABRIQ SHADE offers several sorting options, which can be displayed on the monitor. To ensure that lots have optimal color uniformity, the system offers grouping options according to shade, based on the 5-5-5 color matching method. 

Combined solution for maximum efficiency

The combination of USTER® EVS FABRIQ VISION and USTER® EVS FABRIQ SHADE provides for two types of fault detection in a single process step. This greatly increases the efficiency of fabric quality detection and offers the ultimate solution for final finished fabric inspection, guaranteeing optimum customer satisfaction.

  • Standard CIE L*a*b shade measurement or CMC ΔE calculations with a spectrophotometer accuracy of 0.1ΔE
  • Automatic planning and sorting feature.
  • Grouping options according to shade, based on the 5-5-5 color matching method
  • Apparel: clothing, sportswear, underwear, workwear, linings
  • Home textiles: bed linen, upholstery, carpets, sun screens, insect screens