USTER® Q-BAR 2 detects faults during manufacturing, thus preventing long-running defects. This helps to deliver constant and reliable quality and helps fabric producers stay competitive in the market.


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Fast, early-stage detection to prevent material loss

Its position in the manufacturing process allows the USTER® Q-BAR 2 to respond quickly and avoid long-running or repeating defects. The alarm and stop signal enables the operator to react to correct the problem on the loom immediately. 


Unique installation directly behind the reed 

USTER® Q-BAR 2 is unique in its location on the weaving machine, immediately after the reed. This position enables faster reaction and therefore less material loss. It can also be installed on warp knitting machines. 


User-friendly visualizing and classifying

Defects are detected, categorized, saved and displayed on an intuitive touchscreen. A quality defect map is created for each roll and can be reviewed in an album. 


Monitoring and controlling with USTER® FABRIQ EXPERT

USTER® FABRIQ EXPERT collects quality maps centrally for each roll. Fully-customizable reports, for every personnel level, are displayed at the on-screen dashboard. This easy-to-use system guides managers and operators to evaluate defects from different lots and optimize fabric yield.


  • Fast, early-stage detection 
  • Intuitive touchscreen
  • Quality defect map and album review allow to classify and categorize rolls
  • Alarm and stop signal for immediate reaction
  • Unique installation directly behind the reed for faster reaction and less material loss
  • Slim housing for easy access to all important machine part
  • Attractive and ergonomic design
  • User-friendly visualization and classifying



  • Quality statistics, including trends for all produced rolls
  • Detailed quality analysis by position of defect
  • Interpretation of current quality status, with context information
  • Automotive: air bags, tire cord, safety belts, headliners, dashboards
  • Home textiles: bed linen, upholstery, carpets, sun screens, insect screens
  • Apparel: clothing, sportswear, underwear, workwear, linings
  • Technical textiles: printed circuits, coated fabrics, bulletproof fabrics, conveyor belts, geo- and agro-textiles
  • Composites: avionics, wind blades, reinforcement, laminates