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USTER® JOSSI MAGIC EYE is the unique detection system for synthetic contaminants. It deals with the biggest problems – polypropylene and polyethylene – with unbeatable efficiency.


Unsurpassed performance
The USTER® JOSSI MAGIC EYE combines multiple detection principles. This means it can eliminate all kinds of synthetic material, including white transparent polypropylene. It’s a high-end solution – identifying synthetics by their physical properties. By scanning raw cotton tufts, the USTER® JOSSI MAGIC EYE recognizes the individual ‘fingerprint’ of each plastic, ready for separation and removal.

Nothing escapes detection – not even wrinkles, treatments, colors or odd shapes of foreign matter. The whole production is checked, for every category of synthetic contaminant.

Powerful combination
Combining the USTER® JOSSI VISION SHIELD and the USTER® JOSSI MAGIC EYE gives spinners the power to control their raw material. It assures high-efficiency detection and elimination of foreign matter – both natural and synthetic – in spinning preparation. The result: a tremendous improvement in quality, getting rid of virtually all foreign matter, with very little good cotton lost.

Enabling successful business
The USTER® JOSSI MAGIC EYE secures first-grade quality in downstream processing. It means better products, with better profit margins in the most competitive yarn markets.

  • The short distance between the fine opener and the scan area means the cotton tufts are small and evenly spread. This ensures no foreign matter can hide undetected inside cotton tufts.
  • Production rate up to 1200 kg/h