Testing and analyzing the critical fiber raw material parameters for cotton spinning is what makes USTER® AFIS PRO 2 unique. Fiber quality information is vital, to ensure every stage of the preparation processes is correctly optimized: machine settings, production rates, maintenance – and, most importantly, production costs.

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Industry standard for maximizing raw material value

USTER® AFIS PRO 2 is the industry standard for process optimization in spinning mills. It provides all the required data, with unmatched accuracy and speed. It measures neps, seedcoat neps, short fiber content, fineness, maturity, trash and dust – all of which influence yarn performance in manufacturing.

Cost control by monitoring every stage

Expensive mistakes in yarn manufacturing arise from poor control of the raw material – both before and during spinning preparation. Raw material accounts for more than 50% of the total yarn-making cost, so it is vital to monitor fiber quality during manufacturing. The USTER® AFIS PRO 2 achieves this by testing the material at each stage of preparation, from blowroom to roving.

Unique technology for accurate results

The success of the USTER® AFIS PRO 2 is founded on class-leading technology and over 60 years of fiber testing and textile processing know-how. This unique technology includes the patented fiber individualizer and dedicated sensors for measuring neps, length, maturity (NLM) and trash (T), as well as the AUTOJET (A) module.

Top spinners choose AFIS®

Leading mills depend on AFIS® for optimizing product quality, mill efficiency and production cost. For example, a 300,000-spindle Chinese mill supplying yarn to global clothing and furniture brands reports major quality and cost benefits with USTER® AFIS PRO 2. After optimizing mill processes, waste has been reduced – leading to a 5% reduction in raw material use – and yield improved by almost 4%.

  • Unique and patented sensor technology for measuring neps, length, maturity and trash.
  • Unmatched accuracy of all measured parameters
  • Application covering all yarn preparation stages from blow room to roving frame
  • Range of reports for maximum utilization of data for management decisions and process quality tracking
  • AUTOJETmodule for increased testing efficiency
  • References in USTER® STATISTICS global benchmarks