USTER® HVI 1000 is the global reference tool for cotton classification, producing accurate and reliable results. USTER® HVI 1000 is founded on more than 60 years of fiber testing expertise and over 30 years of cotton classing experience worldwide.

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Taking the guesswork out of raw cotton purchases

Using patented technology, the USTER® HVI 1000 rapidly provides full reports on 11 important quality characteristics describing the length, strength, fineness, color and moisture content of the fiber. Spinners need to have confidence in the quality of the raw cotton they are sourcing. The ability to test and class cotton accurately using the USTER® HVI 1000 is vital to purchase decisions.

Fast, objective results

Cotton growers and traders often rely on expert personnel to set prices. But that is time-consuming, as well as being prone to subjectivity and human error. USTER® HVI 1000 solves all these problems. Instrument based cotton classing produces test results that are the most accurate and repeatable in the world. Testing can be completed in seconds, by only one operator.

Targeted technology for spinners

When spinners are making million dollar decisions about raw material, they need to be sure those decisions are accurate and consistent. The USTER® HVI 1000 has proven itself as the most dependable cotton classification platform worldwide. Every element of the USTER® HVI 1000 has been designed with the latest technology. This includes the FIBER COMB, COMB MOISTURE, XENON FLASH, automatic sampling, and on-board diagnostics – all based on USTER’s years of practical experience in fiber testing.

Setting global standards – recognized by major cotton authorities

The recognition accorded to USTER® HVI is underscored in the Universal Cotton Standards agreement – signed by 24 cotton associations from 21 countries – which approves universal cotton quality standards for strength, length, uniformity index, micronaire, color grade. These standards are fixed as the Universal HVI Standards and are maintained using USTER® HVI 1000 to establish the values.

Reputations depend on quality…

The most important confidence-builder between cotton buyers and sellers is that cotton classification data from instruments in any part of the world matches perfectly. Trading partners will often test cotton samples on different instruments to check bale quality, and it is vital for mutual trust and confidence that the quality data each obtains is both accurate and in agreement with that of the other party. USTER® HVI 1000 is the only cotton classification instrument in the world able to deliver those requirements.

  • Two targeted models of the USTER® HVI 1000 are available, each meeting the needs of a specific group of customers.
  • Measures all the important quality parameters currently used in the cotton trade: micronaire, fiber length, length uniformity, strength, color and trash.
  • Patented Comb Moisture measuring sample moisture content where it counts at the length/strength sample.
  • Patented Xenon flash for unrivaled color measurement.
  • Automatic sampling system for unrivaled accuracy in length and strength measurement.
  • Optional nep and UV fluorescence modules.
  • References in USTER® STATISTICS global benchmarks.