The USTER® TENSORAPID 5 – The ‘go-to’ tensile tester for both staple and filament yarns. Delivering precise data for yarn strength and elongation – measured to recognized global standards. It’s vital information, whatever the downstream process or end-use.

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Universal – for staple and filament yarns

Versatility, accuracy and speed

Yarns need to withstand tough conditions in downstream processes. Damaged or broken yarns will ruin production efficiencies. Accurate data on yarn strength and elongation is essential – and USTER® TENSORAPID 5 provides exactly that, quickly and reliably.

USTER® TENSORAPID 5 has all the bases covered in strength measurement, for both staple and filament yarns. Its force and elongation testing options include all known tensile test procedures and values.

Meeting all the global standards

USTER® TENSORAPID 5 is acknowledged as the global reference instrument for precise and automatic testing of elongation and tenacity. All measurements comply with international standards, including those from ISO, ASTM, BISFA and Chinese authorities.

Integrated process control

USTER® TENSORAPID 5 connects seamlessly with USTER® TESTER 6-S800 and the Total Testing CenterTM. Data is combined and analyzed, so users can optimize processes – aided by intelligent alarms where problems occur. Smart analysis of key yarn parameters like evenness and hairiness allow comparisons with yarn profiles.

Specially for filament: the all-round solution

USTER has developed a comprehensive testing solution for filament yarns. The combination of USTER® TESTER 6-C800 evenness tester and USTER® TENSORAPID 5-C tensile tester brings special features with unique benefits for filament producers. This package provides accurate data on mass variation, yarn strength and elongation. Integrating these results helps producers to monitor yarn quality during manufacture – and evaluate how the yarns will perform in later processes.

Staple and filament yarn

  • Test speeds steplessly adjustable between 50 and 5000 mm/min.
  • Measuring heads for 500 N and 1500 N.
  • Test capacity of 40 samples per load.
  • Data correlation with USTER® STATISTICS for staple yarns.
  • Connection to the TOTAL TESTING CENTER with USTER® TESTER 6-S800.
  • Special filament software giving various modulus values, yield points and natural draw ratios.