USTER TESTER filament yarn

The USTER® TESTER 6-C800 sets new global standards for evenness testing and is destined for a central role in the laboratory of quality-driven filament yarn producers. 

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Global standard in filament testing

The new Capacitive Sensor is more accurate and reliable than ever. It enables filament yarn producers to guarantee right-first-time quality. USTER® TESTER 6-C800 is acknowledged throughout textiles as the global standard in filament testing.

Automatic twist scan facility

The digital Capacitive Sensor CC incorporates a unique twisting unit, for reliable information at every test. An automatic twist scan facility provides the correct settings for the twister device.

Intermingling measurement

The Optical Sensor OM counts interminglings per meter at a testing speed of 800m/min. This feature helps to prevent variations in fabric appearance.

Knowledge Based System (KBS)

Built-in expert knowledge quickly traces the causes of quality problems on the spinning machine. The KBS requires no inputs or extra settings from the machine supplier.

Touchscreen operation

An intuitive graphical user interface simplifies operation, even for untrained personnel. It means users can focus on test results, guaranteeing higher efficiency and optimum user satisfaction.