The USTER® JOSSI VISION SHIELD 2 offers unrivaled detection capabilities – thanks to new sensors and the Powerful Imaging Recognition Technology. The unique Efficiency Booster enhances quality further, as well as significantly reducing waste.

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Why clean cotton?

Spinners need to meet rising quality demands. Foreign particles in yarn damage end-product quality. So they must be eliminated – preferably at the start of yarn production. Properly cleaned cotton is essential to achieve today’s quality requirements.


Efficiency Booster

In fiber cleaning, different tuft densities can lead to false ejections and wasted cotton. The new Efficiency Booster feature counters this by providing an accurate view of the whole tuft, so that denser tufts are ejected only when they contain real contamination. The new Efficiency Booster manages fiber cleaning to deliver better quality, with lower waste.



Conventional camera-based systems can’t match the performance of the IMAGING SPECTROSCOPE of the USTER® JOSSI VISION SHIELD 2. Operating across a much greater wavelength, they can find contamination even within the ‘invisible’ range of IR and UV light. Light pastel colors, and contamination as small as a single hair, are also no problem.


Scattering effect

White and transparent polypropylene contaminants are located through the unique scattering effect. Cotton tufts exhibit a halo effect under lighting, while plastics don’t. IMAGING SPECTROSCOPES use this effect to distinguish polypropylene from cotton.


Precise timing of ejections

The USTER® JOSSI VISION SHIELD 2 continuously measures the velocity of the cotton tufts. Precision valves match the timing and duration of each ‘ejection puff’ action to remove only the contaminant. So a minimum of ‘good’ cotton is wasted.


Total Contamination Control

The proven technology of USTER® JOSSI VISION SHIELD and USTER® QUANTUM 4.0 eliminates foreign matter at both ends of the yarn production process. Total Contamination Control means precisely controlled contamination levels in yarns, with minimum waste, enabled through smart connections to the Quality Management Platform. 

  • New graphical user interface, ready for the future with more capacity
  • USTER® VISION SHIELD EXPERT: targeted blowroom alerts on contamination to trigger early reaction
  • Efficiency booster for significant raw material savings
  • Speed measurement tool for less waste per ejection
  • Cyclone ejection technology, keeping ejected material out of the production process
  • IMAGING SPECTROSCOPE with expanded spectrum, for improved detection of pastel colors
  • VTECT, with durable LED technology – emitting UV light to detect material with optical brightener