The USTER® JOSSI MAGIC EYE 2 improves further the detection of finest white and transparent plastics. It ensures that all plastic contaminants – even polypropylene and polyester from bale packaging – can be identified and removed.

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Unsurpassed performance
The USTER® JOSSI MAGIC EYE 2 combines multiple detection principles. This means it can eliminate all kinds of synthetic material, including white transparent polypropylene. It’s a high-end solution – identifying synthetics by their physical properties. By scanning raw cotton tufts, the USTER® JOSSI MAGIC EYE 2 recognizes the individual ‘fingerprint’ of each plastic, ready for separation and removal.

Nothing escapes detection – not even wrinkles, treatments, colors or odd shapes of foreign matter. The whole production is checked, for every category of synthetic contaminant.

Powerful combination
Combining the USTER® JOSSI VISION SHIELD and the USTER® JOSSI MAGIC EYE 2 gives spinners the power to control their raw material. It assures high-efficiency detection and elimination of foreign matter – both natural and synthetic – in spinning preparation. The result: a tremendous improvement in quality, getting rid of virtually all foreign matter, with very little good cotton lost.

Enabling successful business
The USTER® JOSSI MAGIC EYE 2 secures first-grade quality in downstream processing. It means better products, with better profit margins in the most competitive yarn markets.

  • Foreign matter cannot escape detection
  • Better selectivity minimizes waste of good fiber
  • New digital technology: the detailed and true picture of contamination