USTER® QUANTUM EXPERT 3 collects data from the control unit on the winding machine and provides reports which lead directly to practical conclusions. The software is easy to use and is an indispensable tool for managing the mill’s article assortment and optimizing the production process.

  • Overview
  • Features

Smart Synchronization
Smart Synchronization is not merely a ‘sorting’ exercise based on letters and numbers. It means looking at vital quality parameters as well and it all works automatically, making the task of handling and processing all the different articles on winding machines much simpler, faster and more reliable.

Smart Reporting
Reports made by the USTER® QUANTUM EXPERT 3 lead to conclusions, helping the user to make informed and appropriate choices about the yarn clearing and winding management. The reports are pre-installed and easy to use through an intuitive interface that gets the information across quickly and clearly.

Smart Simplicity
Uster specialists invested time to ensure that the ergonomics of the user interface were spot on, using the best-available programming and design technology. After just one hour, users will be able to find and modify reports, set clearing limits, and optimize the article synchronization. Remote access is a built-in feature with links to Uster Technologies’ resources for troubleshooting and application support.

Smart Choice
From collating and sorting all a range of complex jobs into a logical database through Smart Synchronization, to providing Smart Reports that really mean something. USTER® QUANTUM EXPERT has all the features needed to get the most out of any yarn clearing installation.

Its advantages can easily be summarized: optimization and organization of the entire process, ultimately making winding machines more productive and profitable.

  • New, ergonomic and easy-to-use man-machine interface
  • Smart articles synchronization
  • Remote control of the CCUs from anywhere
  • Simple reporting and smart filtering of essential data
  • Fast and easy optimization of the clearing limits