USTER® SENTINEL is a comprehensive solution for ring spinning optimization. It delivers assured quality, along with greater efficiency and control of costs. In combination with USTER® ROVING STOP, it reduces waste and boosts yarn yield.

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USTER® SENTINEL - Increasing profitability where it matters most

USTER® SENTINEL takes care of measuring and controlling the most critical parameters in ring spinning – the process that contributes most to yarn manufacturing costs. 

USTER® SENTINEL monitors the productivity of all spindles and provides all the links and information that help yarn producers to make optimization decisions at ring spinning based on reliable facts. Linking ring spinning performance data from USTER® SENTINEL with quality information from winding reported by the USTER® QUANTUM 4.0 mills can correlate intelligently powerful information throughout all process steps in spinning mills, for effective and preventive optimization leading to sustainable profits.



USTER® SENTINEL works with USTER® ROVING STOP to minimize pneumafil waste, reducing it by up to 70%. That means a raw material saving of almost 1%. Roving produces a guaranteed higher yarn yield, thanks to the system’s reliable monitoring of ring spinning, which stops the roving feed immediately an end-break is detected. 

Potential quality claims are avoided, since waste material and uncontrolled fiber – which could affect neighboring spindles and the entire machine – are significantly reduced by the USTER® ROVING STOP.

Its unique compact design gives operators clear access, saving time and speeding up responses, for even better machine performance.


USTER® SENTINEL provides intelligent connections for RSO (Ring Spinning Optimization) and USTER® RSO 3D.


  • Bobbin build-up report includes information on end-breaks, ambient conditions, wear of mechanical parts, machine speed, personnel and energy.
  • Fast identification of problems and detailed drill-downs.
  • Software can switch rapidly from mill overview down to sections or even a single spindle, with areas requiring attention highlighted by color.
  • Real-time diagrams for end-breaks, speed, power consumption, temperature and humidity, for every machine.
  • Run stop diagram with stop reasons, chain break and extensive break alarm indications.
  • Ultimate process control with connection to Total Testing Center incorporated in the USTER® TESTER 6.



  • Avoidance of chain breaks
  • Higher productivity, thanks to reduced lapping 
  • Prevention of overload on rollers 
  • Up to 20% lifetime improvement of spinning components such as aprons, cots and cylinders
  • Effortless piecing, thanks to excellent ergonomics.


Ring Spinning Optimization

  • RSO – in-line assistance with ring spinning and winding alerts by Assistant Q
  • RSO – spindle speed optimization for higher performance while building the best possible cops
  • Quality mapping of individual spindles with USTER® RSO 3D via Muratec QPRO EX/FPRO EX