USTER® SLIVERGUARD PRO is the latest-generation autolevelling system for cotton cards and drawframes. It is a unique quality monitoring tool, measuring sliver quality online.

  • Overview
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Consistent and simple autoleveling
Using USTER® SLIVERGUARD PRO is the best way to guarantee consistent and predictable sliver count and sliver CV values. Leading Chinese machine manufacturers rely on USTER® SLIVERGUARD PRO to produce the best sliver on their cards and drawframes.

Reliable and precise monitoring
The combination of autolevelling and 100% sliver quality monitoring ensures that machine operators are alerted immediately if sliver quality varies. And the unit’s specially-designed FP Sensor pinpoints thick places and spectrogram faults.

Powerful supervision with USTER® SLIVER EXPERT
The USTER® SLIVER EXPERT system from Uster Technologies lets managers oversee large numbers of cards and drawframes at a glance. Machine problems are picked up and rectified much faster than with traditional methods – since the full range of sliver quality and production data is displayed for management.

  • State-of-the-art autoleveling, for carding machines and drawframes
  • Online quality measurement of A%, CV, TP (thick places)
  • Online high-resolution spectrogram
  • Automatic quality warnings for A%, CV, TP, spectrogram
  •  Automatic machine stop for quality alarms
  • SLIVER EXPERT reports for quality and production, with diagrams, lists and long-term data