USTER® EVS FABRIQ VISION N ensures a consistently high rate of fault detection using automated inspection during the production process. The system captures any visible faults and allows web yields to be improved. 

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Real-time automated inspection
Real-time process monitoring detects, records and locates all faults in every roll of nonwoven material at running speeds. Inspection is objective, accurate and consistent. It removes the need for slow, costly and unreliable manual inspection and frees up operators for higher-skilled jobs.

Automated classification of the detected defects
After inspection, each roll can be automatically classified by USTER’s intelligent software. Each image is given a coding, allowing any ‘over-detection’ to be easily filtered out. The system uses a continuous learning process to build the model for automatic classification.

Grading of the inspected rolls
First-quality yield improves significantly with the combination of a full map of web faults and the cut optimization module. More first-quality rolls can be produced and bad quality taken out, which conclusively leads to optimization of raw material usage. 

Quality statistics created with USTER® FABRIQ EXPERT
USTER® FABRIQ EXPERT collects data on all defects, to provide detailed statistics, comparisons and trends over time for each category. Customized filters for each available widget can highlight options such as timeframe, roll, machines and more.

  • Real-time alerts for operators, displaying all detected faults during production
  • Design for easy integration into the production line
  • Continuous uniformity measurement of the produced web
  • Defects prevented through USTER® FABRIQ EXPERT by localizing them and then comparing and optimizing different fibers, machines, styles etc.
  • USTER® FABRIQ EXPERT allows fully-customizable analysis by selected zones of an inspected roll, to initiate actions or control the defect
  • USTER® FABRIQ EXPERT provides quality information, correlated to running status or production speed, of all connected USTER® EVS FABRIQ VISION N systems in the plant
  • Nonwovens production processes (spunlace technology etc.; the system is not limited to any kind of web formation process)