USTER® QUALITY EXPERT is the Quality Management Platform for advanced process optimization across yarn manufacturing processes. A single system provides control, securing fiber, yarn and fabric quality. A combination of 100 % in-line monitoring, precise laboratory testing and integrated intelligence delivers the power to predict potential faults and prevent claims. USTER® QUALITY EXPERT is hosted in the USTER® TESTER 6.

  • Overview
  • Features

USTER® QUALITY EXPERT and its Value Modules:

  • Alarm center – creates awareness and triggers action
  • Mill analysis – insightful analytics for data-based decisions
  • Yarn prognosis – increases credibility between spinners and yarn users
  • Total Contamination Control – for managing remaining contaminants in yarns at minimum possible cost

Ring Spinning Optimization – the link to productivity and quality USTER® QUALITY EXPERT is hosted in the USTER® TESTER 6.

Alarm center

  • Early warning of potential quality problems
  • Possibility to save valuable raw material
  • Guidance and problem-solving advice
  • Reduced efforts for knowledge management

Mill analysis 

Full control from fiber to yarn: quality optimization replaces number crunching, using vast reporting possibilities. 

  • Mill analysis over entire mill process 
  • Identification of trends within individual processes 
  • Improved utilization of laboratory testing

Yarn prognosis 

See quality from the customer’s viewpoint. Compared to traditional testing, yarn prognosis requires no fabric sample or weaving test runs. It provides the possibility to test all produced lots at practically no cost. In addition, the results are not influenced by variations of visual inspection methods.

TCC (Total Contamination Control) 

Balances ejections in the blowroom and cuts in winding in the most advanced way: 

  • Links systems within production to minimize risk of foreign matter quality issues, with focus on defined quality and profitability targets 
  • Reveals the optimization potential to save costs

RSO (Ring Spinning Optimization) 

Higher efficiencies, lower waste levels and optimized quality are the result of this winning combination. USTER® QUANTUM 3 and USTER® SENTINEL provide quality transparency from the top to the bottom of the cop. Combined with speed setting and end-break monitoring in ring spinning, this provides ultimate control over productivity and quality.