USTER® QUALITY EXPERT is the Quality Management Platform for advanced process optimization throughout yarn manufacturing. A single system controls everything – assuring quality in fiber, yarn and fabric. The unique combination of 100% in-line monitoring, precise laboratory testing and integrated intelligence gives spinners the power to predict potential faults and prevent claims.

USTER® QUALITY EXPERT is now available in two formats: a standalone version via a dedicated client-server and hosted within USTER® TESTER 6.

  • Overview
  • Features

USTER® QUALITY EXPERT delivers the right quality, consistently and reliably. It automates fault prevention, improves process performance and takes care of costly routine tasks. A smarter dashboard layout and new bar charts for quality are practical new features in the latest release of USTER® QUALITY EXPERT.

And now, users can stay in touch with their quality 24/7 thanks to the USTER® MOBILE ALERTS app. For the next stage, enabling operators to trigger action on the shopfloor, USTER® MILL DASHBOARD option comes in with customized presentation of relevant data. From a smartphone or tablet, the information flow is rapid, so any issues can be solved quickly.

Alarm center

  • Potential quality problems flagged up at the earliest stage
  • Valuable raw material is saved.
  • Problem-solving guidance, focused directly on issues and improvements
  • Makes knowledge management simple.

Mill analysis 
Full control from fiber to yarn. Vast data reporting options mean that quality optimization replaces repetitive number crunching.

  • Improved analysis throughout the mill processes 
  • Trend identification for each individual process
  • Makes the best use of laboratory testing

Yarn prognosis 
Let spinners see quality from the customer viewpoint. Unlike traditional testing, yarn prognosis needs no fabric samples or weaving test runs. It produces a clear grading system for yarn quality, related to subsequent processes. Spinners can now test every yarn lot at practically no cost. And the results are not subject to the potential discrepancies of manual inspection.

TCC (Total Contamination Control) 
Integrating data from USTER® JOSSI VISION SHIELD and USTER® QUANTUM 4.0 makes it easy to balance ejections in the blowroom and cuts at winding to maximum advantage.

Production systems are linked, to minimize the risk of foreign matter quality issues and focus on quality and profitability targets. Furthermore, TCC Value Module highlights the potential for optimization and cost savings.

RSO (Ring Spinning Optimization) 
Triple benefits in greater efficiency, reduced waste and optimized quality arise from the combination of USTER® QUANTUM 4.0 and USTER® SENTINEL. Quality transparency, right through the cop, along with accurate speed setting and end-break monitoring. It’s the ultimate control over productivity and quality in ring spinning.

A series of Value Modules drive USTER® QUALITY EXPERT:

  • Alarm center – creates awareness and triggers action
  • Mill analysis – clever analytics suggest data-based decisions
  • Yarn prognosis – objective quality and transparency for both spinners and their customers
  • Total Contamination Control – balancing acceptable contaminant levels with minimum cost
  • Ring Spinning Optimization – ultimate control over productivity and quality