The USTER® AUTOSORTER 6 determines the count in staple fiber yarns and rovings – fundamentals to the entire spinning process. The measurement system shows both average yarn count and count variation.

  • Overview
  • Features

Precise count determination and comparison
Used together with USTER® STATISTICS, the USTER® AUTOSORTER 6 integrates with internationally-accepted benchmarks. This guarantees modern, systematic and comparable yarn testing for consistent yarn quality.

User-friendly operation
The user interface correlates with the operation of the latest generation of other USTER® laboratory instruments. It offers live view of measurement results, pre-defined table reports and run status indication. 

Intuitive graphical user interface
Designed-in ergonomics and an excellent graphical user interface allows even for untrained staff easy use via the touchscreen monitor. 

– Analysis functions for investigating all measured data
– PDF generation for sharing test reports