The next-generation USTER® CLASSIMAT 5 features innovative and powerful technology for defect classification and prevention. It enables both yarn producers and users to achieve significant improvements in quality consistency across an extended range of parameters.

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The USTER® CLASSIMAT 5 takes the concept of defect analysis and classification to a completely new level, providing unrivaled benefits in terms of reliable, repeatable quality. A major breakthrough is the visual display of the 'yarn body' and outliers which could otherwise cause quality claims and rejections.

Outliers for periodic faults, evenness, imperfections and hairiness are pinpointed, as well as the standard analysis of thick and thin places which is already essential in yarn trading. USTER® CLASSIMAT 5 also provides standards from the previous CLASSIMAT® generations (USTER® CLASSIMAT QUANTUM and USTER® CLASSIMAT 3). Its new powerful sensor with multicolored light sources detect and differentiate colored foreign fibers, vegetable matter and, for the first time, polypropylene content.

Powerful analytical tools guide users in optimizing clearing limits, developing preventive strategies against the full range of defects, and comprehensive comparison possibilities with integrated USTER® STATISTICS benchmarks facilitate comparisons with global quality standards.

  • New and existing international classification standardsUSTER® CLASSIMAT 5, USTER® CLASSIMAT QUANTUM and USTER® CLASSIMAT 3.
  • 'Yarn body' display and detection of outliers in extended thick and thin places.
  • Dense area and detection of outliers for all foreign matter including vegetables and polypropylene faults.
  • Classification of periodic faults.
  • Classification of outliers in evenness, imperfections and hairiness.
  • Analysis of clearing limits based on clearing index.
  • Benchmarking with USTER® STATISTICS and against users' own mill data.
  • Comparison and quality ranking of yarns from different lots or suppliers.
  • Most technically advanced USTER® sensors and superior hardware.
  • Reliable measurements, independent of machine or test speed variations.
  • Unique mounting module, with special cleaning facility and special guides and tension controls for high accuracy