The USTER® TENSOJET 5 is a unique tensile measuring system for prediction of WEAVABILITY of yarn behavior in high-performance processes. 

Extensive and rapid measurement at a rate of 30,000 tests per hour allows a forecast of weak places and makes the USTER® TENSOJET 5 a claim-minimizer. 

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Minimizing yarn breaks

Tensile properties are essential in preventing yarn breaks during downstream operations such as beaming, weaving and knitting. The USTER® TENSOJET 5 gives a precise forecast of yarn by determining strength and elongation outliers.


The best way to predict WEAVABILITY

Minimum strength and elongation properties are needed to prevent a yarn breaking or being damaged in downstream operations. The high speed of 400 m/min of the USTER® TENSOJET 5 actually simulates the dynamic stress on the yarn during weaving. The prediction of WEAVABILITY increases economic efficiency, as well as weaving quality and profit margins.


Ultimate process control with connection to USTER® TESTER 6

Integration of tensile measurement data with USTER® TESTER 6 offers intelligent alarms through the Total Testing Center. Additionally, through the USTER® QUANTUM 4.0 yarn clearers, weaving performance grades are available.

  • Standard for prediction of WEAVABILITY
  • Testing speed of 400 m/min
  • Test capacity of 30 000 breaks/h
  • Ultimate process control with connection to Total Testing Center incorporated in the USTER® TESTER 6