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USTER® QUANTUM 3 is the third generation of the best-selling online quality assurance system for winding machines. These state-of-the-art yarn clearers use Smart Clearing Technology to optimize production efficiency and reduce costs for spinners.


Latest technology – future-proofed 

New capacitive, optical and foreign matter sensors are at the core of the USTER® QUANTUM 3. For the first time ever, the system shows the full yarn body, thanks to powerful electronics. A new foreign matter sensor uses multiple light sources in combination with the new capacitive sensor to sort out colored foreign fibers from non-disturbing vegetable matter. And the contamination package is completed by a brand new PP clearing module. 

Tough clearers for any mill environment 

The USTER® QUANTUM 3 is bigger and tougher than any previous clearer. So it can handle the harshest mill conditions over a long service life. Design details include a better sealed clearer core to keep out dirt and dust and reinforced sensors to cope with vibration. 

Smart and simple to use 

USTER® QUANTUM 3 learns quickly. Within two minutes, it analyzes the running yarn and suggests the best clearing routine – using its inbuilt USTER know-how. Smart Clearing Technology means it can forecast exactly how many cuts will be needed to reach quality and productivity goals. 

Capacitive or optical sensors 

Advanced capacitive and optical sensor options equip the USTER® QUANTUM 3 for any application and environment. The advantages of the capacitive technology are well known. And now the optical sensor of USTER® QUANTUM 3 has been redesigned and substantially enhanced. So both types offer all the benefits of yarn body analysis, smart clearing and cut forecasts.

  • Full YARN BODY display in 2 minutes.
  • Single-button clearing limit proposal and forecast of expected cuts for selected clearing limits. 
  • Continuous count of multiple lengths from 2 to 12 m. 
  • Best splice clearing and diagnostic possibilities. 
  • Powerful new foreign matter sensor with multicolored light sources. Detects all colored defects, including short and low-intensity occurrences. 
  • New foreign matter clearing concept with separate classification and clearing of foreign fibers and vegetable matter. Better quality with the minimal cuts. 
  • New polypropylene detection, including shorter and finer PP defects.