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The USTER® QUANTUM 3 Anniversary Edition is packed with valuable new and well-established features for optimized yarn quality.


Core Yarn Clearing

Core yarn produced with sections of missing or off-center elastane is a serious problem, potentially causing huge waste of fabric downstream. Core Yarn Clearing uses unique USTER® sensor combinations to identify significant problem areas with the core component. The Core Yarn feature is only available with the Foreign Matter option.

Shade Variation

For fabrics made of mélange and colored yarns, variations in color and shade are critical. USTER’s advanced foreign matter sensor avoids such defects with its Shade Variation feature, available with USTER® QUANTUM 3 Anniversary Edition.

Connecting to the Total Testing Center™

The latest USTER® QUANTUM EXPERT 3 builds the link between USTER® QUANTUM 3 Anniversary Edition and the Total Testing CenterTM of USTER® TESTER 6. This combination provides a total mill overview. Quality exceptions can be traced, based on integrated data from the clearer and all other processes. For example, USTER® QUANTUM 3 information can be combined with laboratory test data to predict the weaving performance of a yarn.

  • Connection to the Total Testing Center.
  • Smart Limits for splice distribution.
  • Core Yarn Clearing.
  • Shade Variation (SV, CSV) feature automatically detects a color or shade variation from the base yarn.
  • Online hairiness measurement.
  • Extended classification using the advanced classes of the USTER® CLASSIMAT 5.
  • Full YARN BODY display in 2 minutes.
  • Single-button clearing limit proposals and forecast of expected cuts for selected clearing limits.
  • Continuous count of multiple lengths from 2 to 12 m.
  • Powerful new foreign matter sensor with multicolored light sources. For detection of all colored defects, including short and low-intensity types.
  • New foreign matter clearing concept with separate classification and clearing of foreign fibers and vegetable matter. For better quality with least cuts.
  • New polypropylene detection, including shorter and finer PP defects.