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USTER® SENTINEL is a comprehensive solution for ring spinning optimization. It delivers assured quality, along with greater efficiency and control of costs. In combination with USTER® ROVING STOP, it reduces waste and boosts yarn yield.

USTER® SENTINEL is the successor to USTER® RINGDATA, which has set the standard for ring monitoring systems since 1979.




Ring spinning optimization

USTER® SENTINEL is the key to total optimization of yarn production, based on bobbin build-up and end-break data. Intuitive reports cover every parameter influencing end-breaks, with clear visuals directing corrective action. It leads to improvements in ambient conditions, longer service life of components and higher machine speeds. 

Real-time machine performance displays give a quick overview of production and laboratory data – the basis for expert system guidance towards profitable optimization. Below-par spindles are rapidly highlighted, cutting down repair times and improving yield.


USTER® SENTINEL works with USTER® ROVING STOP to minimize pneumafil waste, reducing it by up to 70%. That means a raw material saving of almost 1%. Roving produces a guaranteed higher yarn yield, thanks to the system’s reliable monitoring of ring spinning, which stops the roving feed immediately an end-break is detected.

Potential quality claims are avoided, since waste material and uncontrolled fiber – which could affect neighboring spindles and the entire machine – are significantly reduced by the USTER® ROVING STOP.

Its unique compact design gives operators clear access, saving time and speeding up responses, for even better machine performance.

Ultimate optimization with the Total Testing Center

USTER® SENTINEL is ready for connection to the Total Testing Center of the USTER® TESTER 6. Here, USTER® SENTINEL information is integrated with data from all the spinning processes. Information on end-breaks, spinning speeds and machine parts is added to create the ultimate quality optimization package.



  • Bobbin build-up report includes information on end-breaks, ambient conditions, wear of mechanical parts, machine speed, personnel and energy.
  • Fast identification of problems and detailed drill-downs.
  • Software can switch rapidly from mill overview down to sections or even a single spindle, with areas requiring attention highlighted by color.
  • Real-time diagrams for end-breaks, speed, power consumption, temperature and humidity, for every machine.
  • Run stop diagram with stop reasons, chain break and extensive break alarm indications.
  • Ultimate process control with connection to Total Testing Center incorporated in the USTER® TESTER 6.


  • Avoidance of chain breaks 
  • Higher productivity, thanks to reduced lapping 
  • Prevention of overload on rollers 
  • Up to 20% lifetime improvement of spinning components such as aprons, cots and cylinders
  • Effortless piecing, thanks to excellent ergonomics.