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USTER® SENTINEL is the new ring spinning optimization system for assured quality, controlled costs and enhanced profitability. It brings a unique approach to quality, productivity and efficiency.

The USTER® SENTINEL replaces USTER® RINGDATA, which has set the standard for ring monitoring systems since 1979.


All important parameters in a single report

Every parameter influencing machine performance is included in the intuitive bobbin build-up report. Clear visuals point to exact reasons for end-breaks, making corrective actions easier.

Ultimate optimization with the Total Testing Center

USTER® SENTINEL is ready for connection to the Total Testing Center of the USTER® TESTER 6. Here, integration of data from all spinning processes with USTER® SENTINEL information on end-breaks, ringframe speeds and the condition of machine parts creates the ultimate quality optimization package.

Personnel management

USTER® SENTINEL makes operator workloads easier, as single-spindle monitoring reduces the need for patrols. Its reports also contain valuable information to improve assignment of personnel duties in the ring spinning department.

Energy monitoring

Rising costs mean spinning mills need to monitor power consumption carefully, especially in ring spinning – the most energy-intensive process in the mill. USTER® SENTINEL provides detailed information on energy use, including comparing the consumption per kilo of yarn between different machines.


  • Bobbin build-up report includes information on end-breaks, ambient conditions, wear of mechanical parts, machine speed, personnel and energy.
  • Fast identification of problems and detailed drill-downs.
  • Software can switch rapidly from mill overview down to sections or even a single spindle, with areas requiring attention highlighted by color.
  • Real-time diagrams for end-breaks, speed, power consumption, temperature and humidity, for every machine.
  • Run stop diagram with stop reasons, chain break and extensive break alarm indications.
  • Detailed event log for every machine.
  • Effortless piecing, thanks to excellent ergonomics.
  • Low power requirement from the ring rail drives because of the compact and light system design (highest energy efficiency on the market).