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USTER® TENSOJET4 – for precise forecasting of yarn ‘runability’ in high-performance processes, with a test speed of 400 m/min.


Yarns must be strong enough to stand up to downstream processes without causing stoppages or downtime. The USTER® TENSOJET 4 has the testing power to forecast yarn performance accurately. It measures tensile strength over 100,000 breaks – at a rate of 30,000 breaks per hour. That means it can detect seldom-occurring yarn faults or isolated weak places.

The USTER® TENSOJET 4 is clearly essential for testing yarns for weaving, where stresses are great. But today’s high-speed knitting machines increasingly need yarns with good strength, as well as the essential elongation factor. Both properties are precisely measured on the USTER® TENSOJET 4.


Detection of isolated weak places.

  • Inbuilt correlation with the USTER® TENSORAPID tester.
  • Integrated USTER® STATISTICS.
  • Economic efficiency optimized for actual load peaks.
  • Spectrogram support to pinpoint periodic faults.
  • Automatic changer for up to 24 samples.