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The USTER® TENSORAPID 4 is the most versatile strength tester on the market – for both staple and filament yarns.


Precise information on yarn strength, elongation and tenacity is provided automatically by the USTER® TENSORAPID 4. The instrument shows mean values and coefficients of variation. Two models are available: with 500N measuring head for standard material or 1500N for special material such as high resistance filament.


  • Highly-automated – USTER® TENSORAPID 4 has a package changer for 40 bobbins or cones.
  • World standard tests – as specified by ISO, ASTM, BISFA and Chinese authorities.
  • Versatility – measures all staple and filament yarns and fabric strips, regardless of count or composition.
  • Flexibility – sample clamps can be fixed horizontally or vertically.
  • Integrated – Data correlates with USTER® STATISTICS.
  • Targeted – special software for filament yarns.
  • User-friendly – spectrograms and scatter plots identify periodic faults.