The first preventive yarn clearing system

Troubleshooting with expensive clearer cuts is now outdated, thanks to preventive yarn clearing with USTER® QUANTUM 3. In-line monitoring of 100% of yarn has developed, with intelligent connections which open the textile mill’s optimization potential in many ways.

Comprehensive data analysis unites four Value Modules to provide all-round protection for quality and productivity.

Total Contamination Control comes withUSTER® JOSSI VISION SHIELD – managing remaining yarn contamination and preventing from unnecessary waste.

USTER® RSO 3D offers quality mapping of individual spindles as a first step and the prevention of poor quality at source as a conclusion.

Ring Spinning Optimization through USTER® SENTINEL combines data on ring spinning and winding, extending transparency for improvements. Roving Stop prevents defective yarn production.

Yarn Prognosis shows quality from the customer viewpoint, with data-based forecasts about fabric appearance and pilling resistance.

Get the details about the Value Modules from the brochure.

USTER yarn clearing focuses on three critical advantages:

  • Delivering highest quality, consistently day and night
  • Achieving the lowest number of unnecessary splices
  • Preventing defects at source

The evidence is overwhelming, from more than 1.5 million yarn clearers operating worldwide: investors in USTER® QUANTUM 3 benefit fundamentally from peace of mind, as well as enhanced reputation among clients who appreciate great quality yarns.

Feedback from delighted users working with Smart Limits is gratifying. Most importantly, the economic gains are phenomenal. USTER® QUANTUM 3 pays back initial investments several times compared to other clearers, thanks to the lowest possible level of splices, its ability to prevent faults at source, and a continuing reduction in defect levels over time.