Value-added Services

Value-added Services

Unmatched expertise in textile quality management 

USTER is not only a synonym for innovative products, but also a supplier of comprehensive services. These cover the entire range of USTER textile know-how, which is at the disposal of customers, helping them to become more efficient in their processes, and their final products superior – as well as quickly rectifying any issues.

Customers appreciate the various ways of benefiting from USTER services:

  • For many decades, USTER has been publishing the unique USTER® STATISTICS – now acknowledged as the basis for trading textile products at assured levels of quality across global markets
  • The various services, as well as literature – some in digital formats – are founded on the unrivaled proven expertise of USTER staff
  • Services are provided in several languages, making knowledge as widely-accessible as possible
  • The full range of after-sales services deliver customer care which is both individual and comprehensive