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Working with the USTER STATISTICS

Two ways of working with the USTER® STATISTICS tool
Yarn buyers often ask for a certain USTER® STATISTICS percentile level when ordering material. When they require for example a yarn fulfilling the 50% USTER® STATISTICS level in the contract, the spinner needs to find out the absolute values for quality parameters of the delivery.

USTER® STATISTICS works both ways: Users define the USTER® STATISTICS level and the absolute values of different quality parameters can be determined just as described in the example above. Also measured values for quality parameters can be converted into percentile values by the USTER® STATISTICS tool. This kind of application is used by yarn producers as well as users when only test results of the material are provided.


Two ways of displaying USTER® STATISTICS results
The charts show the correlation between yarn count (or fiber length) and a single quality parameter. The progress of the percentile lines provides information about the yarn quality level at a single glance.

However, some users prefer numeric tables instead of charts. Tables contain the same information as the charts. For each yarn count (or fiber length respectively) and the five main USTER® STATISTICS Percentile levels the absolute number is given in a table. 

In order to be able to look at the USTER® STATISTICS charts, Java needs to be installed on the computer. Use the free download link.