Content - Application for USTERIZED certification

How to become USTERIZED

Uster Technologies imposes strict conditions on candidates for USTERIZED® certification. High standards of quality assurance based on proper use of USTER® instruments is the essential stipulation.

The following list outlines the main requirements for USTERIZED® membership. (These points are summarized from the audit process documentation. More details are given in the downloads to the right of this page.)


Quality management and measuring systems

The candidate must use the following measuring systems:

  • USTER® HVI for bundle fiber testing or USTER® AFIS for single fiber testing 
  • USTER® TESTER for evenness testing
  • USTER® TESTER (Sensor OH or Sensor HL) or USTER® ZWEIGLE HL400 for hairiness
  • USTER® TENSORAPID or USTER® TENSOJET for strength testing
  • USTER® CLASSIMAT for yarn fault classification (online or offline)
  • USTER® QUANTUM yarn clearing with foreign fiber detection on at least 50% of winding positions
  • USTER® QUANTUM EXPERT or alternative system

Laboratory conditions

Environmental conditions in the laboratory must remain constant, to ensure consistent measurement of quality values with USTER testing instruments.

Service agreements

The candidate must have a service agreement with Uster Technologies for all the required instruments listed above.

Sampling plan

The candidate must establish a suitable sampling plan in the spinning mill.

Customer orientation

The candidate must work with yarn quality profiles for selected articles – and provide instrument test reports on its standard yarns, including USTER® STATISTICS percentile values.

Continuous improvement

The audit process will require evidence of a successful continuous improvement program in the spinning mill.