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USTERIZED – the brand with a quality guarantee

The USTERIZED® logo identifies yarns from spinning mills with best-practice quality management. USTERIZED® mills spin yarns of consistent quality. That is assured by testing and clearing them with USTER® products, underpinned by a comprehensive quality management process.

USTERIZED® mills are regularly audited by USTER specialists. They highlight any deficiencies in the mill’s quality systems and suggest effective remedies.

What USTERIZED® means…

USTERIZED® is a certification program awarded to spinning mills fulfilling the following conditions:

  • audited by Uster Technologies
  • able to produce products of consistent, defined quality
  • using quality management systems with a continuous improvement process
  • competent to reproduce quality data continuously, reliably and accurately, which is comparable with USTER® STATISTICS

USTERIZED® members privileges

USTERIZED® members belong to an exclusive global club of spinners. They enjoy several special advantages from their USTERIZED® certification:

  • The right to use the USTERIZED® trademark on letterheads, literature, product branding, etc.
  • Listing of a company profile as a certified mill at
  • Use of marketing platforms provided by Uster Technologies (trade shows, seminars, print publications, etc.) for extra promotion
  • Access to proprietary application knowledge via customer-specific password at
  • Benefits from USTERIZED® brand promotion by Uster Technologies to traders, fabric manufacturers and retailers