Uster Q-Bar 2

The formation monitoring system

Monitoring the formation process with Uster Q-Bar 2 helps prevent defects before they occur; providing full process control, increasing first quality and reducing waste.

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On-loom formation monitoring for constant fabric quality

Uniquely positioned directly above the reed, the Uster Q-Bar 2 monitoring system controls fabric formation, thereby detecting problems in the weaving process before they become a defect (instead of just inspecting the surface). A quick response at this point helps avoid extensive or recurring defects.

Customizable alarm and stop signals let you rectify problems immediately. Uster Q-Bar 2 significantly reduces seconds and material loss.

Uster Q-Bar 2 is positioned on top of the loom, making it easy to install on existing weaving machines.

Q-Bar 2 is positioned on top of the loom and outside the operating space to ensure you can get on with your work without hindrance.

Product Features

Detecting defects before they appear with FMS

Uster Q-Bar 2 is a formation monitoring system that not only detects defects on woven fabrics, but also monitors the actual fabric formation process during each weaving cycle.

  • Identify and eliminate problems even before they enter the fabric
  • Avoid extensive or recurring defects

Minimizing warp defects with warp monitoring

Minimize warp-related defects by monitoring each warp end while the shed is moving.

  • Monitor the warp even before it is traversed by the weft
  • Detect incorrect warp tensions, loose warp ends and pattern irregularities

Reduce weft irregularities with weft monitoring

The unique weft monitoring algorithm of Uster Q-Bar 2 complements the loom`s sensors and allows you to monitor the quality of each inserted weft across the entire width of the fabric.

  • Immediately detect weft-related defects that the loom cannot, such as slubs or loops

Monitoring the selvedge and leno

The fabric selvedge is most critical area for the weaver as well as for later processing. Uster Q-Bar 2 provides a selvedge monitoring feature, allowing you to identify any problems in the selvedge or even with the leno yarns during the weaving process.

  • Detects irregularities in the selvedge
  • Detects broken leno

Online monitoring with Uster Fabriq Expert

Uster Fabriq Expert collects data on all defects and provides real-time quality analysis based on data from each fabric roll. This helps you optimize product and process quality.

  • Collect detailed statistics, comparisons and trends
  • Prevent defects by localizing them
  • Ensure immediate reactions and continuous improvement
  • Provide efficient quality reporting
  • Enhance quality awareness

100% quality assurance for highly demanding markets

Uster Q-Bar 2 increases quality assurance in all industries that use weaving, such as:

  • Technical textiles: fabrics for coating, bulletproof fabrics, conveyor belts, glass fabrics, sailcloth, geotextiles
  • Automotive: airbags, tire cord, dashboards
  • Home textiles: bed linen, upholstery, carpets, sun screens, insect screens, awnings
  • Apparel: clothing, workwear, interlinings


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Uster Value-added Services

Training & Consulting

Tap into unmatched expertise in quality management for textile manufacturing:

  • Standard and tailor-made training courses are available at Uster premises, or at customers’ own plants
  • Uster experts guide mills to optimize manufacturing operations

After-Sales Services

Uster tailor-made services help customers achieve and maintain top performance from their instruments throughout their life cycle.

  • With four regional and more than 29 local service centers worldwide, Uster support is never far away
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