Uster Quantum 4.0

The connected yarn quality assurance system

Uster Quantum 4.0 ensures yarn quality in winding with the smart combination of capacitive and optical signals. Connection to further Uster systems prevents issues at source.

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Ring spinning for combed yarn

Uster Quantum 4.0 & Expert
Uster Quantum 4.0 & Expert

Assured yarn quality

Uster Quantum 4.0 combines capacitive and optical yarn clearing. This all-in-one solution offers full flexibility for various yarns and changing conditions.

An easy-to-use and reliable system: The user-interface is simple and quick to learn, and the well-established Quantum technology ensures a long service life with dependable hardware and software.

100% in-line monitoring includes Uster Quantum Expert and offers further optimization potential through connection to the platform Uster Quality Expert or Uster RSO 3D. This allows spinners to stay in control throughout the spinning process and to prevent issues at source.

Product Features

Combined clearing with Smart Duo Technology

The combination of both capacitive and optical signals opens up opportunities for new detection channels. The strength of both signals is an asset for the value of yarn quality and smooth operations in downstream processes. Smart Duo Technology addresses daily issues of spinning mills effectively to prevent costly claims.

  • Density detection eliminates defects related to the compactness of the yarn, such as twist differences or similar
  • Cross clearing double checks the yarn via the assistance sensor to uncover hidden defects
  • Capacitive/optical switch offers full flexibility and security with one yarn clearer

Intuitive & efficient Smart Clearing Technology

The user-friendly Smart Clearing Technology eases the burden on spinning mills when defining yarn clearer settings. Production efficiency is increased by cutting only what needs to be cut.

  • Intuitive smart limits and cut forecasts based on a unique visualization of the yarn body
  • Swarm clearing for thick and thin places and foreign fibers removes multiple small defects of high frequency by a single cut
  • Optimal splice clearing ensures and promotes quality
  • Poor quality is ejected with a positive impact on productivity

Contamination clearing with multicolored light

Contamination is still the main problem of spinning mills. Powerful sensor with multicolored light sources enables unique visualization of dense areas and smart limits. Separate classification and clearing of dark and light foreign fibers, vegetable matter and polypropylene.

  • Advanced foreign matter and new polypropylene classification
  • Cuts foreign fiber accumulations efficiently with swarm clearing to protect fabric quality
  • Optimizes cuts and ejections in blowroom with direct impact on profitability, Total Contamination Control combines Uster Quantum 4.0 and Uster Jossi Vision Shield

Prevent blend mix-up

Increased diversity in the textile market with more and more innovative materials driven by fashion, sports and sustainability. Mix-ups of different raw materials and their blends occur easily as they are hardly visible to the human eye. Uster Quantum 4.0 takes care of this with a smart combination of signals. Continuous measurement of blend mix-up for raw white yarns.

  • Protects yarn quality from mix up of different material components
  • Prevents costly fabric claims due to barré effects that often appear only after dying

Stay in control with Uster Quantum Expert

Included with Uster Quantum 4.0, the newly designed Uster Quantum Expert is fully featured and compatible with previous Quantum generations. Prevention continues as a guiding principle in yarn clearing and according to the value modules of Uster Quality Expert. Automated data handling makes the most of the yarn clearer information ensuring yarn quality and productivity.

  • Real time control
  • Central article management
  • Ultimate data analysis


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Uster Quantum 4.0 Technical Data
Uster Quantum Expert Technical Data

Uster Value-added Services

Training & Consulting

Tap into unmatched expertise in quality management for textile manufacturing:

  • Standard and tailor-made training courses are available at Uster premises, or at customers’ own plants
  • Uster experts guide mills to optimize manufacturing operations

After-Sales Services

Uster tailor-made services help customers achieve and maintain top performance from their instruments throughout their life cycle.

  • With four regional and more than 29 local service centers worldwide, Uster support is never far away
  • 215 Uster certified service engineers worldwide provide fast and reliable technical assistance

Uster connections: added value with each system

Uster Quality Expert

Uster Quality Expert is the Quality Management Platform for advanced process optimization throughout yarn manufacturing

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Uster RSO 3D

With Uster RSO 3D, mills can intelligently correlate ring and winding quality data in a single system

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Uster Jossi Vision Shield

Removing the bulk of foreign matter from fiber in the blowroom boosts ring spinning and winding productivity

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