Content - USTERIZED Benefits

USTERIZED makes the quality choices clear – throughout the textile chain

USTERIZED® identifies the world’s leading spinning mills. It helps these mills meet customers’ quality and cost requirements linked to the globally-accepted USTER® STATISTICS benchmarks. And it promotes better understanding of quality choices for both yarn buyers and sellers worldwide.

Advantages for certified mills

USTERIZED® certification brings valuable advantages for spinning mills:

  • The right to use the USTERIZED® trademark on letterheads, literature, product branding etc.
  • Access to the Uster Technologies marketing platforms (websites, trade shows, seminars, print publications) for extra promotional options
  • Third-Party Validation for USTERIZED® customers in case of quality problems
  • Dedicated support from USTER textile technologists worldwide
  • Evaluation of the mill’s quality management systems and identifying improvements – in line with quality and cost objectives
  • Highly-effective quality and cost management solutions and tools, bringing tangible improvements
  • Creation of effective yarn quality profiles, linked to the globally-accepted USTER® STATISTICS benchmarks

Sourcing guide to USTERIZED® mills and contact information

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