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Trustful suppliers

Profitability is a two-way street for spinners and retailers. Consistent quality is the shared goal, and total trust between trading partners is the best way to achieve it.

The first step for retailers is to realize the influence of the yarn on end-product quality. Then they need to identify trustworthy yarn suppliers.

Quality can cost – as much as 10% along the supply chain

Uster Technologies has recently carried out a detailed analysis of textile production costs. The results show the industry needs to do much more to meet today’s quality challenges.

Management of raw materials and organization of the yarn manufacturing processes are problem areas. The proof is the number of complaints from customers downstream.
Among the worst issues are :

  • Yarn quality varies too widely from batch to batch
  • Spinners lack the knowledge, or awareness, of yarn quality requirements for subsequent processes
  • High levels of contamination of cotton by foreign fibers
  • Quality defects in the raw cotton or yarn which are detected only after finishing
  • Too many outlier bobbins, causing many claims

Find reliable partners – easy with USTERIZED

High-speed automated yarn production machines require mills to carry out more testing than ever before. They need statistically-relevant data for process control and compliance with standards.

The best way to achieve this is to run comprehensive, instrument-based Quality Management Processes. Only USTERIZED® spinners offer the assurance of certified excellence in quality production, right from the start of the textile value chain.