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Mem textile production textile production capacity

Yarn mills
• 150,000 spindles ring 
•  83,000 spindles compact
•  36,000 spindles slub (carded, combed, binary, ternary and quaternary fibre blends)
•  25,000 spindles core yarn (carded, combed, binary, ternary and quaternary fibre blends)
•  6,000 spindles compact syro spun  (combed, binary, ternary and quaternary fibre blends)
•  4,400 rotors open-end
•  4,800 spindles (50 machines) air jet (ecru and binary, ternary and quaternary black and  colored fibre melange blends)

Knitting mill
• 165 circular knitting machines
•  with our 13, 16, 20, 22, 26, 28, 32 fein machines and a large variety of yarns number range, we are able to knit below fabrics in desired width and weight in grams 

• jersey fabric
• piquet fabric
• oxford piquet fabric
• waffle fabric
• 1*1 ribana fabric
• 2*1 ribana fabric
• interlock fabric
• salonika
• double face fabric
• fleece fabric
• diagonal fleece fabric
• diagonal french therry fabric
• punto di roma fabric

Dyehouse and screen printing mill
• 40 tons/day dyed knitted fabric
• 15 dyeing machines out of a total of 36 are dedicated exclusively for ready garment exporters as collection dyeing machines
• dyeing processes with reactive, disperse, acid, metal complex and basic dyestuff 
• 12 tons/day continuo textile bleaching (with optics unit)
• 10 tons/day continuo wash
• 10 tons/day rotational screen printing (12 colors)
•  2 tons/day digital screen printing

Raw material

CO, EL, CV, CL, PES, CMD, Acrylic, Bamboo

Yarn Type

Compact yarn, Core yarn, Fancy yarn, Plied yarn, Ring yarn,Carded and combed, Rotor yarn, Airjet

Product Capacity

50,000 tons / year

Other certifications

Okotex 100


Cotton USA

Organic Exchange



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