PT Indorama Synthetics Tbk., (Indorama Teknologies Complex)

The mill in Campaka was established in 1998 and belongs to the Indorama Group which is based in Singapore. Suppliing international.

The division accounts for over 20 percent of the company's revenue of the Indorama Synthetic branch. The total capacity – including its sister company’s capacity – reaches over 340,000 spindles. Over 60 percent of the output is sold abroad what makes the company one of the largest exporters of spun yarn in Indonesia.

Business Philosophy

At Indorama staff strives to deliver world-class customer experiences. This means delivering more than just a dependable product. The close partnership with customers is vital to the company’s success. Indorama aims to be a well reputed brand and a symbol of quality, consistency, and responsiveness. The company takes pride in being a reliable supplier who quickly picks cues from customers and aligns its strategies with theirs. At Indorama changes are embraced however the company will not change their corporate values and commitments to excellence

Raw material

CO, CV, PES and their blends

Yarn Type

Air-jet yarn, Compact yarn, Plied yarn, Ring yarn,
Carded and combed

Product Capacity

2,300 tons yarn per month

Other certifications

ISO 9001 Quality Mangement Systems
ISO 18000 Health and Safety Standard
ISO 14001 Environment Mangement Systems
ISO 50001: 2011
OekoTex standard 100
Rieter Com4 jet

Usterized member contact

Indorama Teknologies
Jl. Raya Subang, Cijaya