Uster 360Q - Think quality at the next level

Uster 360Q smoothly combines three key elements: cutting-edge instruments, integrated software with data analytics, and unrivaled textile expertise from Uster’s acknowledged specialists.

Personal consultation

State-of-the-art, in-line process control and laboratory systems

The foundation of Uster 360Q is the instruments that provide accurate and reliable data for mill optimization. The equipment is available on flexible terms in selected markets.

Powerful software

Uster software services combine critical quality and performance data from Uster equipment with Uster textile know-how, accumulated experience, and smart user-centric workflows.

Textile expert collaboration

Uster textile experts bring all the capabilities of equipment, data, and software tools into the mill environment. They work with and train mill staff to help shorten the path from testing to real-world implementation.


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Raw Material Management

Uster FiberQ

FiberQ is a complete solution for raw material utilization, supporting spinners’ daily processes, quality consistency, profitability and further growth.


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Quality Management

Uster Quality Expert

Uster Quality Expert Textile Expertise services provide several user benefits, including acting as a digital consultant for spinning mills, complementing their technical teams, and providing vital support in decision-making.


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Fabric Quality Management

Uster Fabriq Assistant

With its automated features, this Uster Fabriq Assistant acts as a virtual assistant, assisting
data stakeholders in their daily work. Thereby enabling them to be more efficient and productive.
It offers a reliable and tailored solution for processing, analyzing, and visualizing quality
data, allowing decision-makers to focus on their core tasks.


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