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The unique Think Quality concept is the way to 'manage your textile mill with quality in mind'.

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  • Improving quality control
  • Turning quality into profitability
  • Predictable profits for business sustainability

What is Think Quality?

It is the way to ‘manage your textile mill with quality in mind’.

The unique Think Quality concept combines Uster’s world-class products and services to ensure that the quality is right, first time and every time. The principles are simple: clear specifications, the right measuring systems, ‘quick response’ production control with a clear understanding of how to make improvements and optimize processes for business sustainability. By tapping into the potential of connecting data from various Uster systems in the mill, poor quality can be prevented at source – and the highest level of mill management achieved.

Take control of your quality

Clear specifications

Clear and objective product specifications are essential when it comes to achieving the right quality. Agreed specifications ensure outstanding measuring results and process control. This forms the basis for textile mills to optimize raw material usage and production settings and to deliver the required yarn quality as cost effectively as possible.

Reliable quality measurements

Uster recommends regular, systematic lab testing in the spinning mill, combined with 100% in-line quality control. Quality profiles clearly set out which test parameters and levels are important for each application, with all the information provided in a transparent and easily understandable manner.

Fast production control

Look out for quality exceptions! Let the Uster laboratories and in-line control systems do it for you - working together with the same quality parameters and levels. Quickly analyze data and react with corrective action. Time means money: the faster the response, the less off-quality yarn is produced.

Application knowledge

Quality improvement is an ongoing process. Using in-depth application knowledge from Uster experts, and feedback from your own customers, leads to the best use of raw materials, optimized manufacturing  and an enhanced yarn quality improvement process.

Business sustainability

Quality control is a long-term objective. Consistency over time is vital for identifying quality exceptions and preventing claims. It is essential to build and sustain a good market reputation and to take control of your own mill’s profitability. ‘Managing your textile mill with quality in mind’ means making the right decisions every time.

Think Quality: The full range ̶ from fiber to fabric ̶ of Uster instruments and systems.

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