Value-added Services

Textile Training and Consulting

Meet the USTER Textile Experts – and tap into unmatched expertise in quality management for textile manufacturing.

Uster Technologies has a whole world of experience in problem-solving to meet customers’ quality challenges. For more than 70 years, Uster has been innovating constantly. Developing testing technology that drives quality management to new levels. Talking to the leading producers, to find out what they need.

That’s what has made Uster Technologies the first name in application know-how for the entire textile industry.


Textile Training

Now, customers can access that wealth of practical knowledge for themselves. USTER® Textile Experts can offer a range of specific training and consulting services for the industry. Services are:

  • Training courses at USTER® premises, with access to the company’s fully-equipped laboratories
  • Training courses at customers’ plants, for instrument operators and quality managers. Standard and tailor-made courses are available



Textile Technology provides consulting support from experts to help mills optimize manufacturing operations:

  • General spinning mill performance assessment
  • Assessment and improvement on specific problems
  • Support with know-how on developing new yarn articles
  • Optimization of specific processes, e.g. blowroom, carding, winding, etc.