Today, fiber purchasing, yarn development and trading would be virtually unthinkable without USTER® STATISTICS. The `global language of textile quality´ enters a new dimension with USTER® STATISTICS 2018 available as a mobile application for PCs and all mobile devices.


Check your app store for the USTER® STATISTICS 2018.


The textile industry has benefited from USTER® STATISTICS since 1957. These worldwide quality reference values serve yarn producers, users and machine manufacturers. They allow comparisons of measured results against global benchmarks, with numerous advantages for users. 

Yarn producers

  • Assess performance in a global context
  • Specify and communicate quality objectively
  • Minimize complaints
  • Guarantee quality of produced yarns 
  • Obtain a fair value for products

Yarn users

  • Specify the required quality (quality profile)
  • Select yarns meeting appropriate quality standards 
  • Manage suppliers easily
  • Pay the right price for the right quality

Machine manufacturers

  • Assess the impact of new developments in machine technology, parts and systems
  • Provide a guarantee for machine performance
  • Demonstrate machinery development improvements
  • Set up machines optimally

In spinners’ discussions with customers along the worldwide textile supply chain, ‘good’ yarn can often mean very different things. The only way to reach agreement is to define objective standards, supported by measured characteristics, methods and instruments capable of measuring these accurately and repeatably. This is exactly what USTER® STATISTICS achieve, and why they have become the acknowledged common quality language for the global textile industry.