Value-added Services

USTERIZED – a winner’s medal with two shiny sides

The USTERIZED® brand lives up to its promise, so the winners are the weavers, knitters, retailers and garment makers. But some advantages are exclusively reserved for USTERIZED® members. Obviously, continuous re-certifications are necessary to keep the USTERIZED® quality seal. But the audits themselves are what spinners value most. It’s a double-sided winner’s medal.

  • One-day audit every year or two-day audit every second year.
  • Audit by an USTER expert (trained and experienced USTERIZED® auditor).
  • Tour through the spinning mill to identify improvement areas with a neutral expert judgment.
  • Review of sample plans and yarn quality profiles.
  • Discussion of solutions towards better results in terms of yarn quality, process efficiency and customer satisfaction, including specific technology advice.
  • Direct access to USTER application support.
  • Training for maximum utilization of USTER® instruments.

USTERIZED® members belong to an exclusive global club of spinners who appreciate special marketing support and promotion by USTER.

  • The right to use the USTERIZED® trademark on letterheads, literature, product branding, etc.
  • Listing of a company profile as a certified mill at and in the special USTERIZED® brochure
  • Use of marketing platforms provided by Uster Technologies (USTER® INSIGHTS app, trade shows, seminars, print publications, etc.) for extra promotion
  • Regular exclusive newsletter updates containing market information and USTER insights.
  • Access to proprietary application knowledge via customer-specific password at
  • Benefits from USTERIZED® brand promotion in media by regular press releases.