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The brand with a quality guarantee

The USTERIZED® logo identifies yarn from spinning mills with state-of-the-art quality management. USTERIZED® mills spin yarns of consistent quality. That is assured by testing and clearing with USTER® instruments, underpinned by a comprehensive quality management process.

USTERIZED® auditors examine the certified mills regularly. They scrutinize their quality management systems and processes and highlight any deficiencies in the mill’s quality systems, suggesting effective remedies. Companies seeking USTERIZED® re-certification must pass the stringent audit every time. 

USTERIZED® is a certification program awarded to spinning mills meeting the following conditions:

  • The necessary USTER® instruments installed and well maintained.
  • Service agreement with Uster Technologies for all the required instruments.
  • Constant environmental conditions in the laboratory according to ISO 139 standards for consistent measurement of quality values with USTER® instruments.
  • Established suitable sampling plan in the spinning mill.
  • Yarn quality profiles for selected products, test reports including USTER® STATISTICS percentile values.